Ekaterina Romanova


I was born in Moscow, Russia. I currently live in Los Angeles, California. My inspiration is the world around me. I get inspired when I see life. Whether it’s a busy city street, or a little village with old houses surrounded by trees. I’m trying to search for a beauty in everything I see: in a puddle on the road, in a ruined building, in a wrinkled old face.
Moving to another country made me look at my past in a different way and made me realize the importance of my roots and history.
In my art, I’m expressing emotions mostly through color, but structure and the vibration of the artwork’s body are very important too. Recently I’ve started developing my author’s collage technique. I’m using newspaper as a canvas and magazines pages cut in pieces as paint. These two materials reflect today’s world, full of information, that’s so hard to apprehend and organize.
My main goal is to present my vision of life and to let people look on some aspects of it from a different angle.